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Custom Faux Floral Arrangements in Atlanta, GA

Custom Faux Floral Arrangements in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Custom silk floral plant designs  silk florals


Welcome to Custom silk floral plant designs  silk florals

About Us


Custom silk flowers

Our unique custom designs are handmade using natural stone, wrought iron, real wood ,the highest  quality glass and one of the top distributors of silks and faux plants.  Our designs are constantly mistaken as Real!

Stop worrring about watering your plants or throwing out old flowers. Instead choose silk florals for the same look with no hassle!


Handcrafted Unique Arrangements

Hello, I am Melissa Mays ,Owner and Operator at Custom Floral and Plant  Designs . I have been practicing the art of faux floral and plant design for over 20  years. Our goal is custom service and satisfaction we are extremely passionate about  our designs and nothing makes us happier than taking a clients idea and bringing it to life. Few people have the space or time to grow their own elegant flowers or plants so why not beautify  your home with high end silks in acrylic  water? The best part is they are maintenance free!


Charming Designs Just For You

We have a broad variety of stunning pieces in our store sure to suit your taste. We offer custom work for those who want to express their own unique designs.  We love  what we do and our passion for our work shows In our pieces. Our number one goal is pleasing our customers  and customer retention. We offer a positive experience from begining to end. 

Showcasing a charming floral design in a glass vase with acrylic water, this charming accent will never go out of style and brighten any space you are sure to love.

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Custom silk floral plant designs LLC




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Special Services


-Memorial piece for the remembrances of loved ones.

- Forever Lasting Wedding Arrangements and Centerpieces

- As a realtor myself I know Silk Floral arrangements are perfect for staging any space.

-We provide custom pieces for  high-end restaurants.

- We offer a free consultation over the phone to help with your desired custom arrangement.

- We offer custom Holiday Arrangments.

- We now offer handcrafted steel roses.

- We can create any type of arrangement you desire.

New arrangement every week


We love  what what we do and are constantly creating new arrangements. Check in with us frequently for new arrangements.

Unique Pieces


We have a loyal customer base in Atlanta but we want to expand  and network in other areas. You can read some of our great Testimonials below.

My site is dedicated to the memory of my parents James and Iris Mays


A small percentage of each arrangement sold will be donated to The America Kidney Foundation in memory of my parents.

Online store


We offer  a free pickup location for those living in Atlanta or if you are visiting our beautiful city.

People who live with in  20 minute radius from Brookhaven are offered  free delivery.
We offer Free Delivery  on orders 50$ and over!!

Display their FAQs

Q: How do I clean my arrangement?

A:   Gently Use a damp cloth to wipe your silk and plant arrangements.

Q: will guests know they are silks?

A:  Not unless you tell them. They feel and look like the real flowers.

Q: Will my arrangement shift While handling and cleaning?

A:  No once your arrangement is set it is permanent.